A short introduction to this collaboration

    A service in cooperation with BMW


    ChargeNow is a mobility service from BMW and the largest public charging network in Singapore. The charging stations in the ChargeNow network are displayed using the BMW ConnectedDrive in-vehicle navigation console, along with its real-time status, pricing information and turn-by-turn directions.



    With ChargeNow, BMW i and iPerformance drivers will have easy access to the public charging stations located across Singapore.

    EV charging made easy

    Greenlots is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Singapore. Specializing in open standards, cloud-based platforms and mobile applications, Greenlots has also installed 160 charging stations at more than 70 locations across the island. The team has plans to triple the number of stations and locations in Singapore over the next 2 years.


    In collaboration with BMW ChargeNow, Greenlots makes the EV charging process simple and easy, as it should be.

  • Powering Electric Mobility

    Key Stats as of June 2017

    50 Stations

    Public EV Chargers

    31 Locations

    Public EV Charging


    EV Charging Sessions

    13,250+ kWh

    Electricity Charged

    106,000 km

    Estimated Electric Range

    5,300 kg

    Estimated CO2 Emissions Avoided

    69 Stations

    Semi-public EV Chargers

    24 Condominiums

    Installed with EV Chargers


    Updates on the Singapore ChargeNow network

    Frequently Asked Questions I am a frequent user of public charging. How will I be affected? Greenlots mobile app will not display real-time status. Please plan for alternative parking locations if your desired charging spot is occupied. Greenlots mobile app will not be able to perform remote...
    Background Over the past 2 years, Greenlots has worked closely with major property owners to double the number of both public EV chargers and locations in Singapore. Today, the ChargeNow network is serving a growing number of BMW customers with 60 public chargers at 32 locations (depicted by...
    December 31, 2016
    Frequently Asked Questions What is ChargeNow?  ChargeNow is a public charging service specially catered to BMW i drivers. With ChargeNow, you can obtain easy access to a large and ever-growing network of Greenlots chargers. ChargeNow also enables you to monitor and keep track of all your usage...
    1 Fusionopolis Place, Singapore 138522 | B1 car park, green-painted lot, next to Pillar 4K. near to Lift Lobby,  Lot #11 | 1 charging station, free charging
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    Five easy steps to get charged

    1) Download


    Greenlots Mobile is available on App Store and Google Play


    2) Register


    Sign up for a new account with an email address 


    3) Top Up


    Add a valid Credit Card and purchase Greenlots credits


    4) Navigate


    Locate nearby chargers and receive turn-by-turn directions


    5) Start Charge


    Begin charging by tapping the ChargeNow card on the charger


    Alternatively, you may register your new account using the web portal



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