A short introduction to this collaboration

    A service in cooperation with BMW i


    ChargeNow is a mobility service from BMW i and the largest public charging network in Singapore. The charging stations in the ChargeNow network are displayed using the BMW i ConnectedDrive in-vehicle navigation console, along with its real-time status, pricing information and turn-by-turn directions. 



    With ChargeNow, BMW i drivers will have easy access to the public charging stations located across Singapore. 

    EV charging made easy

    Greenlots is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Singapore. Specializing in open standards, cloud-based platforms and mobile applications, Greenlots has also installed 50 charging stations at more than 30 locations across the island. The team has plans to triple the number of stations and locations in Singapore over the next few years.


    In collaboration with BMW ChargeNow, Greenlots makes the EV charging process simple and easy, as it should be.


    Updates on the Singapore ChargeNow network


    Five easy steps to get charged

    1) Download


    Greenlots Mobile is available on App Store and Google Play


    2) Register


    Sign up for a new account with an email address 


    3) Top Up


    Add a valid Credit Card and purchase Greenlots credits


    4) Navigate


    Locate nearby chargers and receive turn-by-turn directions


    5) Start Charge


    Begin charging by the ChargeNow card or scanning QR code



    Alternatively, you may register your new account using the web portal


    Locate a Greenlots charger near you



  • FAQ

    What is ChargeNow? 

    ChargeNow is a public charging service specially catered to BMW i drivers. With ChargeNow, you can obtain easy access to a large and ever-growing network of Greenlots chargers. ChargeNow also enables you to monitor and keep track of all your usage from the Greenlots SKY platform. It's simple, convenient and secure.


    How is ChargeNow related to BMW i? 

    ChargeNow is a mobility service from BMW i, which provide drivers with a comprehensive package for public charging.


    I would like to arrange for a BMW i test-drive. Where and how is this possible?
    Please visit this link to request for a test drive at Performance Motors Ltd Showrooms:



    Alternatively, you may contact the main showroom at Sime Darby Performance Centre (303 Alexandra Road) at +65 6319 0100.


    How do I find a suitable charging station in the ChargeNow network?

    If you wish to find a charging station, you will have several options:

    1) BMW ConnectedDrive from the EV console

    2) BMW i Remote app from your mobile device

    3) Greenlots app which is available on App Store and Google Play


    The intelligent BMW i navigation will show the most efficient or shortest route to reach the charger


    How do I become ChargeNow member?

    To register, you'll first need to be a BMW i customer. Simply click the ‘Register’ tab, please be ready to provide a valid email account and credit card. As this is a pre-paid account, do remember to perform a quick top-up to start using the Greenlots account.


    How many ChargeNow cards can I purchase?

    For every i vehicle, you will receive one ChargeNow card. However, additional ChargeNow cards may be purchased from Greenlots.


    Please note that each card costs S$10.70 (inclusive of GST).


    Is there a monthly charge on the ChargeNow service?

    No, there are no recurrent charges. Greenlots provides a pre-paid service, so you only pay for what you use.


    Can I use my ChargeNow card for multiple cars?

    The use of the ChargeNow card and QR Code Readers are permitted for all BMW i vehicles. You can use this card for multiple cars and are able to share it with family and friends provided that your Greenlots account has sufficient credit.


    I'm not a BMW customer. Can I be ChargeNow customer anyway?

    Unfortunately, no. ChargeNow requires access to the BMW Navigation system and ConnectedDrive. For this reason, the ChargeNow card can only be used to charge BMW i vehicles. However, you can still apply to be a Greenlots customer (https://charge.greenlots.com/greenlots/registerUser.xhtml) to get access to charging stations in Singapore.


    How much are the charging rates?

    Different premise owners have set different rates. Generally, the rates range from completely free to $3/hour.


    How long it takes to recharge at Greenlots charging station?

    The charging time varies depending on the state-of-charge of the battery and power rating of the charger. With AC charging, it will take about 4-6 hours to fully recharge your BMW i. With DC fast charging, charging can be completed in about 30 minutes.


    Can I use the Greenlots charging stations in the rain?
    Yes, usage of the Greenlots charger is perfectly safe in any weather.


    The range of my electric vehicle is not enough for my upcoming trip. How can I use ChargeNow to help?

    ChargeNow supports you in planning your route. With the BMW ConnectedDriver, you will find Greenlots charging stations that are located nearby. The BMW i navigation with the range wizard also shows you efficient routes to leads you to the next charging station.


    What do I do if my card does not work anymore?

    In this case, please contact the Greenlots customer service, by e-mail: info@greenlots.com, by phone 6227 5944 (Mon-Fri, 09:00 - 21:00) or the 24-hour service at the BMW i Roadside Assistance +65 6377 0085


    My credit card has expired or disabled. What should I do? 

    You can log-in to your Greenlots account to add a new credit card. Alternatively, you can edit the credit card information via the Greenlots app (available on App Store and Google Play).


    I forgot my ChargeNow card. Can I recharge without it?

    Yes, you can. Simply open the Greenlots app on your smartphone and use the QR code reader. Next, scan the QR code found on the charging station and charging will begin as soon as authentication is completed.


    What do I do if I've lost my ChargeNow card?

    If you lose your ChargeNow card, please contact BMW i Roadside Assistance immediately at +65 6377 0085. After you have reported the loss of your lost card, it will be deactivated. A new ChargeNow card may be purchased from Greenlots.


    Who can I contact if I have further questions?

    The BMW i customer support can answer all your questions by phone at +65 6377 0085 (24 hours)



    Let's get in touch!



    +65 6227 5944














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