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Closure of 2G Cellular Network

Temporary implications on ChargeNow Singapore


Over the past 2 years, Greenlots has worked closely with major property owners to double the number of both public EV chargers and locations in Singapore. Today, the ChargeNow network is serving a growing number of BMW customers with 60 public chargers at 32 locations (depicted by green markers below), with several more chargers installed at locations that will soon be opened to public (depicted by grey markers).

Public Charging Locations are shown in green.

Network Migration

Recently, major telecommunications companies like SingTel and Starhub have announced that they will cease supporting the 2G network on 1stApril 2017. This is unfortunate because most of our installed EV chargers are equipped with GPRS modem which depends on the 2G network. The closure of the 2G network would mean that communications between EV chargers and backend servers would be disrupted. We are currently working closely with property owners to replace the existing chargers (see below) with 3G-compatible chargers. We will manage this migration as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

How does it affect you?

Should you need to use public EV charging over the next few months, kindly take note of the following:

1) Real-time status of EV chargers will not be available.

BMW ConnectedDrive and Greenlots mobile app currently display the real-time status of EV chargers (Available / Busy / Fault) in different colours. From 1st April 2017, all charging location pins on the BMW ConnectedDrive will appear white to indicate unknown status; while those pins in the Greenlots app will appear black (see image below). This is not a software glitch.

As such, please plan your route to account for the possibility that another EV might be occupying the designated parking lot.

2) Greenlots mobile app remote start/stop feature will not be available.

However, you are still able to start a new charging session with the use of your assigned BMW ChargeNow RFID card.

As such, please ensure that you have a ChargeNow RFID card in order to use the EV charger.

3) Temporarily closure of some charging stations.

Since communications is essential for payment collection to be administered, some property owners are unable to collect charging revenue until the new 3G-compatible charger is installed. In the meantime, we expect some property owners to turn off their charging stations temporarily. Stations that are closed for charging will not appear in the system.

As such, please check your BMW ConnectedDrive or Greenlots mobile app before heading any location for charging.

For more details and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit this post:

We thank you for your patience while we future-proof the ChargeNow network. Rest assured that Greenlots is committed to expanding the local EV charging infrastructure, and making public charging easy and accessible for all BMW i owners.

Yours Sincerely,
Greenlots Team

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