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Closure of 2G Cellular Network (FAQ)

Temporary Implications on ChargeNow Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a frequent user of public charging. How will I be affected?

    1. Greenlots mobile app will not display real-time status. Please plan for alternative parking locations if your desired charging spot is occupied. 
    2. Greenlots mobile app will not be able to perform remote start / stop operations. Please ensure that you have a ChargeNow RFID card in order to use EV chargers.
    3. Please check your BMW ConnectedDrive or Greenlots mobile app before heading to any location for charging

    What if I don’t have, lost or misplaced my ChargeNow card?

    • If you intend to use public charging but do not have a ChargeNow card, please inform Greenlots Team at to get a card shipped to your address.

    How many locations will be affected?

      • All 32 public charging locations in Singapore will be affected by this network closure.

      How long will this hardware replacement process take?

        • We have prioritised the top 12 popular charging locations to complete the replacement as soon as possible. For these locations, the replacement will be completed by 1st July 2017. These locations are:
        1. Capital Tower
        2. CapitaGreen
        3. Raffles City Singapore
        4. One George Street
        5. Six Battery Road
        6. orchardgateway
        7. Shaw Centre
        8. Marina Bay Sands
        9. BCA Academy
        10. One Raffles Quay
        11. Sentosa Quayside Isle
        12. UE Bizhub East
        • The hardware replacement for all other locations will be completed by 1st October 2017

        For locations that are removed from the ChargeNow network, will it be permanent?

        • Most of these locations are temporarily removed, and Greenlots will endeavour to minimise the number of location drop-offs. However, the option to stay on the ChargeNow network is ultimately decided by the property owners. 
        • If an option is taken to leave the network by the property owner, then the location will be permanently removed from the BMW ConnectedDrive and Greenlots mobile app.

        How different are the new 3G-compliant chargers as compared to the existing EV chargers?

        • While functionality and rated charging output will remain the same, the new chargers will look slightly different as the existing ones. Instructions will be provided at the new charging stations to help users with the charging process. 
        • The new 3G-compliant hardware will also mean a more reliable connection between the new EV chargers and backend server.

        I do not use public charging often. How am I affected?

          • There will be minimal impact to you. However, please ensure you have your ChargeNow card with you so that you can still use public chargers in case you need additional range. Please also refer to this site for updated information on public EV chargers.

          Where can I find the most updated information about the public chargers?

          Who do I contact for more information?

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