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EV Association of Singapore


Dear Greenlots Users,

Thank you for your continued support of the Greenlots EV Charging Network.

I'm pleased to share that Greenlots has recently joined the EV Association of Singapore (EVAS) as a Corporate Member. Along with other EV-related companies, our involvement in the Association will provide us a stronger platform for partner & stakeholder engagement.

One of the many tangible outcomes that Greenlots and EVAS will work towards is better partnership with property owners to promote electric mobility. With proper representation, EVAS will be able to aggregate demand from EV owners and petition different properties (e.g. condominiums, offices, retail malls) to install and operate charging stations across more strategic locations across Singapore. Another area of cooperation is end-user interoperability across different EV charging networks. This should enable Greenlots users to access other non-Greenlots charging station without having to subscribe to multiple networks.

At Greenlots, we believe that having a strong & proactive Association will be crucial to the healthy growth of this new industry. As such, we highly recommend our users to be part of this growing community of electric mobility advocates.

If you’ve not already registered as a EVAS member, please visit their website and FB page at:

Thank You

Best Regards,

Lin-Zhuang Khoo
Senior Vice President

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